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Browse:2602  Date:2015-03-19

With sound of firecrackers, Tianjin Xinbao Glass Co., Ltd had a opening ceremony of trial operation on Dec. 3, 2014. Tianjin Xinbao Glass Co., Ltd is a Northern corporate enterprise established by Shenzhen Shennanyi Glass Product Co., Ltd, located at Wuqing economic and technological development zone in Tianjin City, with 50000 square meters area, invested with one hundred million Chinese dollars. Main products include jumbo size, super thick, hyperboloid curved, bullet proof, switchable and all kinds of special glass products. Mainly used for export and jumbo size, highly difficult projects, it’s a perfect supplement for the glass companies in this area.

Tianjin Xinbao Glass values the international markets very much from the beginning of established. At present the company successfully signed on the Opus project in Dubai. This project will use laminated insulated Low-E glass. It composed all by double curved glass. And the sizes and radius for each piece of glass is different. It will bring huge difficulty during the processing.

With 20 years excellent processing experience, Tianjin Xinbao Glass Co., Ltd will strive the best to make itself a glass process base with high popularity in China and abroad.

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